LeSEE Pro North American debut attracted global attention

Music as the layout of the automatic driving technology belongs to its ambitious repairer part of the program, and music as repairer progress can be described as rapid, triggering global hot. US West time on October 19, nearly three years of preparation, much of the global concern LeEco music as a full-scale landing in the United States conference at the San Francisco Art Palace. LeEco has introduced the concept of vertical integration, open closed-loop ecosystem auto replacement parts and UP2U model to American users. LeEco has announced that LeEco's ecosystem of "platform + content + hardware + software + application" has been fully landed in the United States. In the final stage of the conference, the highly anticipated music as the car eco-appearance, the new LeSEE Pro concept car became the most dazzling "star". As the founder and chairman of the board, CEO YT Jia (Jia Yue Ting) in the final stage of the press conference, and released on the music as the repairer of the heavy news: LeSEE Pro is an upgraded version of LeSEE Pro performance auto parts in the United Kingdom by Michael Bay directed " King Kong 5 "shooting. And the scene broke the news: music as a strategic partner Faraday Future's first production of smart electric vehicles are likely to be in January next year's CES show officially released. According to Jia Yue Ting introduction, in order to make LeSEE Pro debut at the press conference, music team as a pre-emptive power, experienced a 48-hour relay speed, after multi-communication, twists and turns, but ultimately because of force majeure, can not be scheduled Time and Jia Yue Ting together on the stage. But in ten minutes ago, LeSEE Pro finally arrived at the conference site, into the conference experience area aftermarket auto parts. After the conference, Jia Yue Ting and Ding Lei, together with music executives as LeSEE Pro unveiled. The audience to witness its true capacity.