Advertisements highlight vehicle performance

1, Chery Automobile - Fun to drive / Wonderful: around (CTCS) Chery Shanghai Technology Research and Development Center released a new slogan, be regarded as "the enjoyment of intellectual fun" heritage. 2, Dongfeng Citroen - human science and technology, creating a life: advocate "T + STT core power" the popularity and use, but efficiency is somewhat low, this year sales continued to decline. 3, Acura - focus on gallop: Acura of the localization of the road to go a little slow, but take the Honda's Express will give consumers more driving pleasure. 4, Dongfeng Nissan - Nissan technology, people? Life: Nissan's engine technology is notoriously, especially the king of silence, "Teana" gallop rivers and lakes for many years. 5, FAW - Volkswagen Audi - breakthrough science and technology inspire the future: Audi has been committed to leading technology and classic design of the perfect unity, "Let the beauty of science and technology achievements."