Lincoln MKZ 2017 section 2.0T honorable version

MKZ is currently in the sale of the July listing of facelift models, the biggest change is the new car on the front face of the drastic improvement, the overall becomes more stable, mature, and more fit the target consumer groups aesthetic. In addition, the through-style taillight shape is also very unique, red cover than the previous white design is more beautiful. This time we recommend models for the 2.0T Zunya Edition, which is equipped with a 2.0T low-power version of the engine, priced at 332,800 yuan, which is 4 models fit Nissan Skyline R33 Coilovers in the most business models of the atmosphere. Body size, although they are all medium-sized car, but because of the functionality of four models, as well as vehicle positioning and other reasons, they still have a big difference between, there is not much comparability, we can look at. The new MKZ body length is close to 5 meters, wheelbase has reached 2850mm. This is a standard wheelbase models, the data performed well. Interior, the new MKZ added more physical keys to replace the old models fit R33 GTST Coilovers touch design, ease of use has been significantly improved. In addition, it also provides a variety of interior colors and materials for consumers to choose, the overall design has a good sense of grade, which is a luxury brand models should be the performance. It is worth mentioning that, thanks to the key gear-type design, MKZ console below is turned into two storage compartment, the design is very clever, practicality is also very strong. In the configuration section, MKZ's performance is very eye-catching. Such as front side airbags, head airbags, knee airbags, electric trunk, etc. are its standard, and the price of rare models fit R33 Coilovers for Sale of variable suspension, steering wheel electric control functions are also present in the MKZ, Great performance.