New GL8 Static Review

Dynamic talk about it, let us talk about the static, the shape of the new GL8 people feel more home feeling, in addition, the rear design through a lot of detail design also allows a higher visual sense of exquisite. Body size, the new GL8 shorter than the old models, but also to make everyday home parking more convenient. Interiors, or has always been Buick embraced design, but in use, also found a little problem, that is, touch the form of air-conditioning control panel. The first is the reaction is not so sensitive, there will often be misuse or no successful operation of the situation; the second is when the shift lever in the D block when the block will be part of the function keys; then there is this panel fingerprint collection and reflective Ability is stronger, if it is me, I think every time I have to take a good rub on the car. Space, I used to shoot before the picture of my colleagues, space for it, I never worry. It is worth noting that the new GL8 third row seat cushion height increased than the old section, so that people sitting in the third row can be more easily, there will not be nest in the feeling there. The third row is also equipped with a central armrest, a high degree of fit, which is not the old models.