The new GL8 equipped

Storage space, the new GL8 equipped with the central armrest box in addition to the middle part of the design before and after the drawer in the air-conditioning panel also has a cup holder and storage compartment below the front of the storage compartment is still very rich. The second row of two seats by the aisle position also has its own unique design, a cup holder, a USB interface, there is a special cell phone storage compartment, consider or very comprehensive. Third-row seat folding design and not the same as before, you can fold back the back, tipped and storage compartment after the trip will be a storage plane, if the third row in the open need for a deeper Storage space, you can remove this storage compartment. Recently, we learned from the domestic media, Audi and SAIC will set up a joint venture sales company, the two sides are expected to be officially announced in mid-November. According to reports, Audi and SAIC VW will occupy 50% stake in the joint venture, the newly established sales company will set up separate channels, the first models are expected to be released in April 2017. SAIC Volkswagen will become the FAW - Volkswagen, the Audi in China, the second partner, and the two sides will take the form of cooperation similar to the SAIC Volkswagen and Skoda brand model of cooperation, that is, the way the OEM products by the SAIC VW Production, the two sides will no longer create a joint venture production enterprises, and therefore there will not be the relevant state departments do not approve the problem.