2017 Vios 1.5L CVT accelerated testing

CVT transmission significantly higher than the old 4AT transmission efficiency, 10.23 seconds of the results than the old section of 11.18 seconds increased by nearly a second. Vios brakes and did not imagine the "soft", 42.35 meters of brake performance quite satisfactory, in line with the mainstream level of this level, but the difference than the old 38.81 meters a lot, which has a great relationship with the tire: the old section is used Bridgestone ECOPIA EP150 tires, the new use of Hantai OPTIMO K415 tires. Thanks to the low speed characteristics of this CVT transmission, 2017 Vios adjustable air shocks noise control than the old models have made some progress, the overall slightly higher than our recommended value, the performance in general. For a mileage of only 300 km of new cars, 6.6L / 100km of fuel consumption, is already a great achievement, than the old 6.9L / 100km fuel consumption a slight improvement. Need to say is that this Taiwan's Vios computer display fuel consumption is 7.1L / 100km, more than the actual nearly 0.5L / 100km, which is relatively rare. The birth of the time is not amazing, with the balance air struts, the doctrine of the character, get some share, two or three years later, according to market response to make a critical upgrade, and then greatly increased competitiveness, and sales rose to the level of the top few ... ... Toyota's car seems to always be the case. Vios is no exception, even the old 4AT, the competitiveness is not weak, its biggest feature is a good open, throttle, brakes, steering without any difficulty to get started. Now the new gearbox air struts for sale replaced, ESC also installed, fuel consumption is very low, the performance of the various aspects of the test are also good, it can not pick any obvious weaknesses, I believe it can get a good response.