Volvo China market situation

Adhering to the "respect for the" brand concept, with 89 years of accumulated Volvo cars, with a forward-looking strategic vision and keen insight into the market, continue to bring consumers innovative Nordic luxury experience, but also brought the market A strong rise in sales. The first three quarters of this year, Volvo car sales in the Chinese market to achieve 63,099 total sales, an increase of 12%, a single month sales to maintain strong growth momentum. Sales reached a record high of 8,841 units in September, up 27% from a year earlier, after recording a growth rate of 37% YoY in August. Up to now, the three Volvo cars are achieved significant growth in sales. 60 series models in September grew 19%, of which S60L year-on-year growth of 60%; while the new XC90 sales growth of 90%; September sales growth of more than 70% The main driving force of the model, the first 9 months, an increase of 217%. For a more long-term future, Volvo cars will continue to be more attractive products and more innovative technology, an endless stream of China and the global market to provide high-quality new energy travel experience, advocate green car life for the automotive industry Sustainable development contribution to the force.