Volkswagen new golf modeling radical avant-garde

Recently, the foreign media to draw an eighth-generation golf imaginary map, imaginary figure modeling is more radical. Volkswagen may be equipped with the latest technology for this new car 48V micro mixing system. The eighth generation of golf will be officially unveiled in 2017. Forcing the world's increasingly stringent emission standards pressure, a new generation of golf is likely to choose 48V micro-mixing system as its power source to reduce emissions. The 48V micro-mixing system consists of a 1.0T three-cylinder petrol engine and electric motor and is equipped with a low-cost lead-acid battery to store the energy recovered from the start / stop process. In addition, the recovered energy can be used not only to assist the engine, but also to power the small, supercharger driven by the electric motor. Volkswagen 48V power system based on the 48V micro hybrid car engine will be significantly smaller, the use of lead-acid batteries instead of lithium-ion battery 48V power system as the main energy storage unit, to further reduce the power system production costs to Enhance their competitiveness.