MPV equipped with turbocharged engine trends

In the Chinese traditional concept of the car, MPV models have been in a commercial vehicle attitude exists. With the change of car cognitive concept, in recent years, MPV models have gradually been focused on consumer recognition of home, MPV than they imagine more practical, MPV models sales are gradually rising. At the same time, turbo technology has matured, and today you can see the MPV models equipped with turbocharger has become a trend. Introduced 2.0T version of the Refine M5, JAC has not stalled on this 2.0T engine fit Mazda Protege Connecting Rods (code-named HFC4GA3-1D) improvements in the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show, but also to us out of his latest results - improved JAC 2.0T engine (code name HFC4GA3-4D). They are Jianghuai Refine S5 on that Taiwan 2.0T engine is completely different, it is only for the JAC MPV models developed and adjusted. This engine block is made of cast iron material, compared to more and more aluminum alloy cylinder engine Mazda MX-5 Miata Replacement Pistons, apparently in light weight or slightly less than. Engine with manifold injection system, for the power and fuel economy to enhance, but also with the direct injection system can not match. Based on the cost and other considerations, perhaps this entry-level SUV models are more concerned about the reliability and durability of the test. Compared to the cash Refine M5 equipped with 2.0T engine Miata MK2 NB Replacement Pistons (code HFC4GA3-1D), after the updated 2.0T engine in the technical configuration and did not happen much change, but only by the details of the optimization of the engine power level A certain upgrade.