JAC 2.0T engine

Through the variable timing technology and turbocharger tuning, jianghuai obviously pay more attention to the performance of the engine's low torque, the official parameters indicated in the standard, the engine can 1000rpm, the output 170N m torque, and the At 1800rpm the torque can be quickly pulled to 280N m. This is a regular passenger or pull cargo MPV models, theoretically, is a good thing, to avoid the phenomenon of soft start. For compact MPV models in the engine compartment, it is difficult to design a space between the components, so there is a greater need for careful control of the heat source, so you can see a more complete separation on this engine VW Passat 1.8T Replacement Pistons Hot plate protection. Integrated exhaust manifold to reduce the length of a certain airway, the engine low-speed torque output also has a positive impact. In addition, the JAC 2.0T engine uses a water-cooled intercooler, water-cooled intercooler in the current majority of turbocharged passenger cars equipped with a very common, compared with the air-cooled, it is the engine The intake air temperature can be better controlled to improve the turbocharging effect. Of course, the water-cooled intercooler can also further reduce the size, is conducive to MPV models fit Golf 1.8T Connecting Rods to compact the engine compartment layout. In general, this engine in the current mainstream passenger car market, the configuration and technical content is not high, the intake side variable timing system, manifold injection, water-cooled intercooler has become more common Engine Technology. But it can be seen, turbocharged technology can be considered a trend in the future MPV models. The use of smaller displacement turbocharged engine to replace the large displacement naturally aspirated engine fit VW Bora 1.8T Conrods, reducing the emission tax, while the low torque through the regulation can also output enough torque, why not?