Skoda Felicia review

80 brothers estimate it is not unfamiliar to the 90's can buy very few cars, mostly imported cars, the store's sales are also very arrogant, would like to try not to be so easy, and then you can buy the imported cars , The Skoda Felicia should be the cheapest, the price is not high 10 million, but compared to the standard of living, the car is just a dream. Felicia 10 million that year what is the concept? Is a semi-Volkswagen Skoda + half the mass of the concept of the car in the Czech Republic in 1994, when the public has to Skoda into the group system inside, so strong public style throughout the shape and interior, style is Western Europe, but the mechanical structure There are a lot of cars from Skoda before the acquisition. 94 years in October, Felicia take the lead in hatchback production, and into the domestic version is the hatchback, wheelbase 2450, body length of less than 4 meters, compared with the domestic sales of Beverly small, but a lot of foreign models, Travel, pickup versions are available.