Felicia configuration is high

The chassis is still the appearance of the previous generation models, but the front is the precursor of the layout, so the public did not put too much energy in this, and the engine is settled after the main replacement of things, whether it is 1.3 or 1.6, or even 1.9 diesel The engine is from the public, and domestic sales of Felicia most equipped with a 1.3-liter EFI engine, and the whole system has a driver's seat airbags, ABS and front seat pre-shrinking seat belts, configuration or pricey. There is a detail we may not know, in the domestic sales of Felicia are the first generation of the design, in fact, in 1998, Felicia a major facelift, the overall design is no longer so Beverly, and the use of the later we know Skoda Octavia Of the front styling, the original 1.3-liter single-point EFI upgrade to multi-point EFI, and with high and low power version to provide options, to 2001 Felicia was formally replaced by crystal sharp (Fabia). From 1994 to 2001, Skoda has produced more than 1.41 million Felicia, of which more than half of exports to the Czech Republic outside the market, of course, China is one of them, and in 1998 the first time the European JD Power survey report Of the best car manufacturer title, in fact, not only derived from Felicia crystal sharp, Volkswagen Caddy is the derivative version of its pickup model.