Nissan small SUV exposure

Recently, the domestic media exposure of a group of Nissan's new small SUV patent map, the car's exterior design and Nissan in the overseas market launch of small SUV - Kicks is very similar. Domestic patent map exposure, or indicates that Nissan intends to Kicks the introduction of the domestic market to fill their own small SUV market in the blank, the future of this car will be competing with Honda and other models. Nissan Kicks concept car in 2014 Brazil Sao Paulo auto show debut fit s500 rear air strut, located in small SUV, mass production in Latin America after the initial sale, and there are plans to put the global market. From the exposure of the patent map, the domestic Nissan new small SUV and Kicks exactly the same, the front face with a Nissan iconic V-shaped grille, headlight group shape is very sharp, the overall front is simple and rich sense of power . From the side of the body, the new car upright waist wholesale 2203205113, using the back-slip roof lines, with a certain cross-border style. Tail, the rear of the new car line is very compact, taillight group modeling using Nissan SUV family design, more with a degree of recognition. In addition, the car or the use of hidden exhaust layout. Power is still limited news, this small SUV is expected to be equipped with the same xaoke 1.2T engine fit benz w220 front air suspension.