The new King Yat X5 will be listed on December 17

The new King Yat X5 debut at the Chengdu Auto Show in 2016, the new car exterior with a new design style, compared to the cash Jing Yi X5 edges more clearly, which is connected with the headlamps of the three-chrome front grille has a strong overall sense, extended the The front of the horizontal vision. New car rear styling is more concise, and its integration into the LED light source taillights and bilateral total of two styles of exhaust modeling is nowadays popular design. Interiors, the new King Yat X5 interior using a new design elements, including the suspension of multimedia displays and air conditioning outlet connected to the center console panel, the overall look of the interior models of the public model. In addition, the configuration of the new car is more abundant, it is equipped with electronic handbrake, automatic parking, a key to start, automatic air conditioning, front seat heating and other equipment, and the whole system comes standard with Bosch's latest body stability control system (ESP9.1 ). Power, the new Jing Yi X5 is expected to carry 1.6L and 2.0L two engines, transmission system or match the 5-speed manual transmission and CVT gearbox. In addition, the car also uses the LQ-CMF platform technology, and optimized design, including hydraulic molding technology before the sub-frame to strengthen the beam, the front suspension aluminum alloy arm.