Lincoln New World

December 3, Lincoln Continental Continental Lincoln listing conference in the Airport Road, Merrill Lincoln Center held a grand, and in some exciting new car to explain and dance performances, the official announced its five models 41.88-61.38 million official Price. As the flagship model in the Lincoln sedan line, continental Continental has been popular since 1939 for rock stars Elvis Presley, Hollywood movie stars Elizabeth Taylor and President Kennedy. Years later, the degree of its dazzling even more can not be mentioned in the same breath. Appearance, the new continent Continental uses the latest family design, star-style chrome-plated grille, matrix LED headlamps, waist-one smart sensor suction door, star open welcome light, double-type can be Panoramic panoramic sunroof and one through the LED tail lamp reflects the rich sense of luxury and technology. For the interior, the designer uses the Scottish Bridge of Weir ® Deepsoft leather with French hand-stitched lines for the new Continental, complemented by high-end natural wood, polished aluminum trim and the Revel® Ultima 19 loudspeaker sound system. Also worth mentioning is that the front of the new car is also innovative design with 30 electric adjustment, heating and massage function of the whole sense of seat, which allows a variety of body size of the passengers can experience the most comfortable sitting position. For power, the new Continental Continental equipped with 2.0T and 3.0T two turbocharged engine. Among them, 2.0T engine maximum power of 261 horsepower, peak torque of 386 Nm, while the 3.0T V6 twin-turbo engine maximum power and maximum torque were 378 horsepower, 570 Nm. Transmission is matched with the 6-speed manual transmission with push-button shift mechanism, not 3.0T models equipped with a set of AWD torque intelligent allocation of all-wheel drive system. In addition, the new continent Continental equipped with CCD continuously adjustable damping suspension system also allows comfort and control to find the perfect balance between.