Modified 900hp Ferrari 488 GTB

VOS Performance has just released their Ferrari 488 GTB with 900 hp. "VOS" on behalf of the "visual speed", it is clear what part of the Italian super sports car in the adjustment process by the most attention. In fact, the 488 GTB is a turbocharged Ferrari that breaks the steady and long line of naturally aspirated engines, which also brings additional supplements. It is much more powerful than the 458 and produces 670 hp (493 kW), powered by its 3.9-liter twin-turbo V8. So far, the most extreme engine fit Audi Allroad Suspension Compressor upgrades VOS offers are the third phase of their tuning process, adding the 488 output to the massive 900 hp (662 kW) and 1230 Nm of torque. If this is a bit too expensive for you, or is beyond your price range, VOS provides the first stage (750 hp) and the second stage (830 hp). The performance improvement follows the optimization process of the engine management system and the installation of the regulated air intake system. A special VOS developed exhaust system is also equipped with custom sewer or kinetic catalyst (200 cpsi). The custom exhaust system fit Audi A6 Compressor is the product of cooperation with AKRAPOVIČ, an absolute expert in custom motion exhaust. While the German refiners put their main focus on the engine, the single they did not completely leave the body look. The appearance of the 488 is adjusted in the form of carbon fiber, including a lower front separator, custom side skirts, a rear diffuser and a custom rear wing, is made of a complete monolithic components. In addition, the mirror cover and air inlet are made of lightweight and contrast material. Notable is the Spanish exclusive manufacture of 21-inch LOMA wrought alloy wheels, with the Michelin Pilot super sports tires. For those who want to appreciate this German finetuning, the VOS Performance Ferrari 488 GTB fit Audi A6 C5 Compressor will celebrate its official world premiere at the Tuningworld Bodensee event from May 5 to May 8.