Pick-up experienced a decade of maturity

But in fact, Dodge has made some initial efforts in comfort, such as seat heightening, window heightening widening, behind the installation of the glass window, which will help observe, but all can not change the original Rugged models of temperament. Two years later, a huge potential market and interests, so that the US auto industry, the other two giants Chevrolet and Ford joined the pickup battle group. Chevrolet introduced a series of pickups, which based on the original truck to further expand the cockpit volume, the driver's vision better access is also convenient, but also equipped with air circulation system, so driving comfort greatly improved. Ford in 1948 launched the F-1 pickup, which is so far enduring F series of the first car, its reputation Ruleiguaner, in fact, F-1 pickup is also a modern retro retro classic young models one. Ten years after the end of the war, but also experienced a decade of mature pickup. During that time, the shape of the pickup has been quietly changed: the windshield into a whole, the hood to reduce the extent of the further expansion of the cockpit, air grille into a large number of bars straight upright. The cabin has more practical equipment, steering assistance has also been applied. In addition, pickup the Big Three has used the V8 engine, various improvements to the pickup becomes comfortable and high-speed, the original load capacity advantage is still maintained.