Pickup of the ride to enhance

In the 1950s, many Americans moved from the city to the outskirts of the city. The advantages of pickups in carrying capacity were further highlighted. They were easy to purchase, easy to move, and a useful assistant for camping activities. In this period of pickup representatives, such as the Dodge C series, the Chevrolet Task Force and the Ford second and third generation F series, we can observe some common features: the appearance of the pickup and interior trim closer to the car, but also full of Unique sense of strength and muscle lines. To Chevrolet Fleetside, for example, chrome-plated waist line extends from the front to the rear, slowly dropping, the whole car as if to enhance the forward, full of streamline. During this period the ride has also been an important upgrade. Created in 1957, four pickup trucks, called the Crew Cab, are ideal for a family trip. Also from this time on, pickup as part of the American family life, the final out of the rough image of the truck, become refined and comfortable, slowly into the middle class daily life. With the style of the times and elegant process, Chevrolet than some other pickup manufacturers go a little further. Cameo Carrier in 1955 is a branch of the Task Force, Task Force itself with a little luxury car style, the lines stretch, the cockpit a little forward, elegant workmanship. The Cameo Carrier interior than the average Task Force pickup models more upscale, the price is higher than 30%, which took an important step in the market segment.