Kai Chen T90 technology configuration

Internal configuration, Kai Chen T90 comes standard with four-way multi-function steering wheel, rear seat 4/6 split down, USB interface, front / rear central armrest, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, rear air conditioning outlet , Activated carbon filter, 12V power jack, etc .; fashion version of the models in this technology, an increase of a USB port, two 12V power jack, trunk compartment partitions / cover curtains, etc .; and the increase in the steering wheel is still leather leather package , Leather + leather seat material, driver's seat electric 6-way adjustment; top with the collar version is the exclusive front seat heating, waist support, dual USB interface fit BMW E36 Spring Struts (1.5A), the car atmosphere light and aluminum Alloy Welcome Pedal. Technology configuration, the Kai Chen T90 comes standard with 7-inch large screen (optional 12.3-inch screen), built-in Baidu CarLife smartphone Internet (including voice control, etc.), 1080P video / music player, Bluetooth, keyless entry / A key to start, 4 speaker sound; fashion version of the model on this basis, an increase of reversing images and an additional 2 speakers; Zhi Shang Edition models fit BMW E46 Adjustable Coilovers increased cruise control; and the top with the collar version is still standard with 12.3 inches Wide screen, IT-COMMANDER knob control area, panoramic images, reversing radar, 5-inch trip computer color screen, 8 speakers, hi-fi and other configurations. The main / passive safety configuration, the Kai Chen T90 body does not come standard with stable system, but from the top with the Chi version fit BMW E46 Coilovers of the model is only beginning to be equipped. Traction control, ramp-assisted, active tracking control, tire pressure monitoring, front side airbags / side air curtain, etc.; and the top with the low-cost version of the e version and fashion models, The collar is still on the basis of this version also increased the blind spot warning.