Power 2.0L Matches 6MT / CVT

Power, the new car equipped with a generation with the previous Chun, Xiao-passenger models with the MR20DE 2.0L naturally aspirated engine, the maximum output power of 144 hp, the peak torque of 198 Nm, transmission and engine matching is 6 Speed ​​manual and XTRONIC CVT continuously variable transmission. Chassis parts, the new car with the former McPherson, after multi-link independent suspension, while the top with the minimum ground clearance models also reached 194mm. Kai Chen T90 in the "statutory speed within the power enough, overtaking is not too hard, but after all, the engine displacement is only 2.0L, can not be too high to 120km / h cruise speed, engine fit BMW 323i Coilovers speed is only about 2200rpm, be relatively low s level". "Poor road conditions in the cement road driving, vibration performance is still excellent, fine vibrations are effectively filtered out, if a little more heavy sense, then it is even better, but if not there." "T90 in the high-speed steering solid, partial stability, and in the 30km / h speed range, the steering wheel power will be significantly lighter, this setting is for the sake of the user." Kai Chen T90 fit BMW 328i Coilovers prototype car was released in 2015 Shanghai Auto Show Kai Chen VOW concept car, T90 more of the latter continued the design style, especially the "X" -shaped face and slip back SUV cross-body form. The concept of the coupe SUV is not new, available for many years BMW X6, Honda's poetry map, and recently launched Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe, Mazda CX-4 and other models fit E46 Shock Absorbers are using a similar design concept, to ensure SUV models Excellent through the basis of the sacrifice of the vertical direction of the trunk space for the body to increase the dynamic and personalized style.