The ISO / TS16949 can be born

The ISO / TS16949 can be born, thanks to GM, BMW, Daimler, Ford as the representative of the nine car plants and five national supervisory bodies. In other words, they enable the entire automotive industry supply chain components on the quality of the supply has been protected, and promote the development of the global automotive industry normative, especially in the rapid development of China's auto industry, without it, the rapid development of China The development of the automobile industry may be completely changed. And ISO / TS16949 standard is based on the establishment of these large enterprises and national oversight bodies in their respective technical standards have been implemented, the purification and inclusion of the industry after the technical specifications. These have been developed by the major manufacturers of technical standards are experienced for decades or even hundreds of years of experience in product development concluded, such as the North American QS-9000 standard, which is behind to the United States as the representative of the United States after a hundred years Product development experience verification.