The new FAN Fan version appearance of more movement

A few days ago, the overseas media exposed a new set of front-wing spy photos, and we can see that the main changes are focused on the front and tail lights group, the new car will be January 12, 2017 took the lead in Thailand, India And other market release, the future of Guangzhou Automobile Honda Fan Fan will not refer to its facelift we wait and see. The new front van real car photos clearly show the new design of the LED headlamp effect, which is currently in the sale of the new Civic and upcoming new Jed is very similar fit 8 Cylinder Turbo. At the same time we also found that the new car in front of the grille decoration and front bumper design has also been changed, making its overall look more biased movement style. In the tail, the new rear light group also integrated into the LED light band design fit Anti Surge Turbo, supplemented by a through-style chrome trim strips to be modified. In addition, the new car also uses a more dynamic rear bumper shape, and is equipped with a small fixed spoiler to increase mobility. Although this picture did not expose the new car's internal design, but foreign media have been informed that the new version will enhance the internal work and materials, while multimedia systems will support Apple's CarPlay and Android Auto fit GT3076R Turbo for Sale. However, compared to the new car is not expected to change in power will still be equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, and match the 6-speed manual and CVT gearbox.