Audi in the end can not succeed?

SAIC Volkswagen Audi on the matter can be described as a hubbub, first in November 11th suddenly broke the news SAIC-Volkswagen is signing with Audi, the Audi will be the next as SAIC Volkswagen under the third brand related models of production and sales. November 14, SAIC issued a public announcement confirmed the SAIC Volkswagen and Audi's cooperation, sit real "scandal." "The December 1 will not be interrupted with a clear response to cooperation with SAIC-GM, Audi dealers in China will take suspended action to extract the Audi-related models in the end." Finally, the FAW-Volkswagen Audi dealer collective " The two sides finally reached an agreement in Beijing, agreed to temporarily no longer create a new network and give dealers compensation; and dealers need to mention the normal car sales; the same time SAIC Audi project was shelved, but before the end of March next year will restart negotiations. In the end in March 2017 SAIC Volkswagen Audi can become a matter, FAW-Volkswagen Audi dealers turn in what way, perhaps only until March this year to be announced.