Avista and Escala

Once the global chiefs - the United States General Motors has been of concern, in 2016 GM 's Buick brand new concept car released - Avista, which is Buick brand in recent years, the release of new models, a natural appearance of concern. This car equipped with twin-turbo 3.0-liter V6 concept car, with 400 horsepower, inherited the United States Department of cars has always been the "muscle style", the new technology configuration also appeared in Avista body. At the same time a new design to show Buick's next-generation models of style, which also allows the Buick tired of the aesthetic fatigue cheered. Taking into account the current development of Buick in the global situation, Avista future focus of the accident must be China, I believe that if the mass production of the Chinese market will be Avista exhibition stage. The same is GM's brand, but the Cadillac's position may be much higher than the Buick, although in 2016 for the gorgeous Cadillac elmiraj Coupe concept car will not mass production and heartache, but the Escala to Cadillac fans excited a lot. From today's exposure parameters, Escala will be much larger than the current CT6, while Escala will be equipped with a V8 engine, it appears that Cadillac will update their flagship model in a short time, but CT6 bleak sales Will not be restored in Escala? This is also the focus of our attention.