Nissan Datsun's automotive technology

But in his efforts, Nissan Datsun car technically adapted to the characteristics of the US highway, which makes Mr. Katayama recovered a lot of scores. Once Mr. Shan Shanfeng to see the car, he found the arena are expensive European cars, in addition to the American Mustang, Comello and other muscle cars. Inspired by this, he felt that civilians of the sports car in the United States must have a market, S30 this project, and was born in 1969, due to the beautiful lines and short rear, so called the Fairlady (lady), but the Japanese executives think too Text crepe, and in the US market more straightforward to become 240Z fit BMW E36 Coil Struts, the Japanese market only followed the title of Fairlady. For well-funded manufacturers, creating a beautiful shape, driving comfort, superior performance and reliable models may not be difficult, as long as you spend a little effort and investment can, of course, the price will be higher, but the low-cost operation Want the above advantages is not easy, this is Fairlady charming, when the Datsun240Z starting price is only 3,500 US dollars, much cheaper than the same type of European models fit BMW E46 Adjustable Coilovers, and like to accept new things the United States has no resistance, Four years successfully sold 110,000. It is worth mentioning that its engine, initially equipped with a 2.4-liter inline 6 cylinder, 240Z is the source of the basic structure of the engine and the earlier Datsun1600 similar, in fact, Datsun's engine is from the Mercedes-Benz 220 technology, remove Two cylinders into a 4-cylinder engine, and 240Z (S30) is only the two missing cylinder back fit BMW E46 Coilovers, so the durability, this lady still stand the years of destruction.