Old drivers are afraid of performance cars

Performance car is to allow adrenaline surge of the word, the performance of the car is how many young people and even now the dream, the performance car like a totem-like living in every car people's hearts. So we will see the Audi RS department, the BMW M department, the Mercedes-Benz AMG department ... ... performance department to create these outstanding performance of the car is so fascinating, when you open them you will feel they belong to the track, Their daily performance is really drunk drunk. Xiao Bian personally experience the entire line after the AMG summed up the performance of the car in the city's five "drunk." Performance car stressed in the limit state of the body posture control fit BMW 323i Coilovers, if the first to maintain a beautiful or the perfect body posture with a soft as the Teana-like suspension is absolutely not work, then the suspension will be hard to adjust the rigid body to ensure that the attitude of the body Good way. Suspense harden Why drunk it? It will not drunk the track, will be drunk in the city. I drove A45 from the start slowly passing through the road, all the potholes on the road all my ass was clear perception. Just a few times to start my ass has been numb, in the city roads, we will experience a large truck out of the rut, because the pressure out of the pothole overload, shredded asphalt layer of the project to break fit BMW 325i Coilovers ... ... different China Features a small difficulty will make you a long driving into a big hip care. There are many people at first glance will be attracted to the appearance of performance cars, because nothing more than dynamic sports packages and low body, the saying goes, "a low cover 100 ugly," not to mention the performance of the car is a general modified car " Is a hundred change down to the first ". The lower chassis lowers the center of gravity, giving the vehicle better speed and cornering performance fit BMW 328i Coilovers. Chassis low as this can not be happy to play in the city? Answer: "drunk drunk" We are in Beijing, for example, parking is extremely difficult, the car parked on the road is commonplace, even if we have their own performance car owners parking spaces, then they come out to stop a careless front lip may be reimbursed, Of the slowdown has become a performance car killer, which performance car is not slow through the slow belt? Just as overloading the truck as high as the limit bar. Driving AMG-GT when I feel what is affixed to fly, later to see the photos when I was surprised at it really is so close to the ground, we still see Figure experience it.