Acura has attracted the attention of everyone

Acura, as one of the Japanese luxury brand, has been flat, with the same Japanese camp Lexus and Infiniti rising, Acura is also not hesitate to attack the Chinese market, after only a CDX SUV made, apparently Not a firm foot in the Chinese market, with the release of the spiritual totem NSX, Acura has attracted the attention of everyone. If you think this is all, then you are wrong, Acura official has officially announced the latest plan in China, which TLX models will be made in 2017, RDX will be made in 2018. Acura TLX positioned in a medium sedan, Acura RDX located in the medium SUV, Acura or done the Chinese market research, to understand Chinese consumers like bigger car. As a medium-sized car, the appearance, the cash TLX with the Acura iconic shield-type front air grille, looks more stable side, after the domestic TLX should be replaced with the latest family masonry-cut air intake Gate, and the CDX front face will remain the same, this front face looks more stylish avant-garde, full of expansion force, can take all ages.