Dongfeng Nissan excellent market performance

In this environment, Dongfeng Nissan constantly seek new ideas, in 2015 formally proposed YOUNG NISSAN development strategy, focusing on young consumers, the official "for the young in full bloom" brand slogan, brand image rejuvenation, open emotional drive Marketing era. After this battle, after entering the Chinese market, the main home and comfortable Nissan brand in the brand image has been rejuvenated, attracting more young eyes. According to relevant data show that in 2015, Dongfeng Nissan in the Harley crowd (refers to the 85 groups) in the brand awareness increased 3.8%, brand favorability increased 1.7%, an increase of the industry ranks first camp TOP3. On the whole, Dongfeng Nissan excellent market performance behind, can not do without Dongfeng Nissan brand strategy within the framework of YOUNG NISSAN fit benz s class air strut, sound and improve the product formed to achieve the formation of the camp of the force. 2016, NISSAN brand models a comprehensive upgrade, from the "Cima + Bluebird + Cenozoic TIIDA", "Teana + Sylphy + Sunshine", "Qijun + Qashqai + Loulan" composed of dynamic, comfortable, SUV camp A very passionate and attractive products for the Nissan break millions of sales lay the foundation for the challenge, but also to achieve a higher goal after millions of new across the foreshadowed. In the current competitive level of the various models fit Cadillac SUV Air Suspension of the market, especially in compact cars and SUV staggering. Which is also the focus of Dongfeng Nissan force the main battlefield. In the compact car market, Sylphy has always been to show the appearance of a generation of God before the car. 2016, into a number of innovative design and advanced technology fit Cadillac SUV Air Shocks, technology will play to the ultimate advantage of the new Sylphy, "the atmosphere of the extreme," "wide of the extreme", "very smooth" and "extreme energy saving" four extreme standards , Set a mid-size car "full-size flagship Jiajiao," the new standard. It is precisely because of this, the new Sylphy has been highly recognized by the consumer market, the annual cumulative sales exceeded 36.3 million, pulled out of the market segment. This disdain for the performance of the pack, showing its dominance of the market strong.