New Bluebird advantage

In addition, YOUNG NISSAN strategy for 80 groups after the launch of the new Blue Jays, the courage to break the conventional concept of direct mass production, the overall shape is amazing. It can be said that the new Bluebird has become a young, trend and passion of the symbol, which originated in the creation of the fantasy modeling has become a consumer-level decision-making selling point. As the first dedicated to young people, "YOUNG coupe", a special wave of cool new fan of the blue bird just launched a high heat, the annual cumulative sales exceeded 80,000 units. In particular, in December last year, the new Bluebird fit Cadillac SUV Air Strut on sales exceeded million, an increase of 42%. In the SUV market, the convergence of Nissan's advanced C platform repairer technology, with wisdom, intellectual drive, intellectual enjoyment for the three core, the depth of integration of the best through the large wide field of vision, intelligent convenience, ease of Handling, comfortable interior design, large storage space, flexible space design, unique appearance and careful security of the nine unique advantages OEM 25979391, and create a city SUV's new trend of intellectual cool all-round. 2016 cumulative sales of more than 180,000, an increase of 11.7%. In the competitive situation of the market environment, can achieve such results, not easy. As a non-traditional SUV, SUV not only has the performance and four-wheel drive system fit Chevy Air Suspension Compressor, while both the high-end hatchback hatchback sedan of various excellent features, and SUV, HB and many other design style of QASHQAI, Strong urban style design, and agile driving performance, the depth of the current generation to meet the needs of the urban SUV, so get the market recognition. 2016 QASHQAI total sales of nearly 140,000, an increase of 124%.