Honda Accord change Fei green!

Now change the color change to the country to what is matte black or cement gray, or else it is not Sao Po purple show, or what the frog green. In front of two people have changed a lot of people started nothing new, followed by even a low burst. Many people play low lying are taking the appearance, so change the color is understandable, but can not do so Low. Look at the Honda it, change the color to change the character is very obvious publicity. We talk about how to feel like? Is not the more alternative is not so non-mainstream? But in fact I think the more important is the painting process and debugging, it seems very bright or spray the color of the good, if it is how the film is not up to that effect. Many people actually imagine the program is very tall, the actual effect has become a non-main, painting process and color will really have a great impact.