LS engine transplant

The red part of the rear part of the fuel tank, the latter version of the fuel tank was moved to the middle of the cockpit, and the fuel tank volume was significantly reduced to further reduce vehicle weight. From the vehicle point of view, the red part is just mentioned tank, ASCAR racing rear axle has been refurbished, the exhaust pipe is Driftworks own production. This is a 28-year-old (2014) of the old AE86, re-painting also has some difficulty. Painting work to a small workshop, the workshop what messy work are connected, including walls, tractors, huts, wooden refurbished spray paint, such as Yigai never refused. Of course, this car body AE86 renovation effect is very good, plus or minus the size of the workshop has never been the size, but to see the degree of refining technology. Around the LS engine for a transplant, the surrounding add NASCAR (also known as ASCAR) element, which is a personal color heavy drift racing. LS V8 engine power output is not earth-shattering, 585 hp and 84.3kgm performance for the drift car is not outstanding. Therefore, LS3 is not the end of this AE86, Driftworks can not help but chop hands soon, and even more powerful transplantation LSX454.7.4 l LSX454 LS series is the largest displacement engine, the original power , 620 hp LSX454 lost to the same displacement of 776 hp LSX454R, or even weaker than the 638 hp 6.2 liters LS9, but compared to manic LSX454R engine, LSX454 appears to be more ground gas. Foreign LSX engine transplant cases are many, such as the BRZ, 240SX, 350Z BMW 3 Series and Porsche 911, etc. are very keen after the LSX drive, and even some people will be replaced after the drive EK transplant LSX, can imagine the engine Popularity.