The new Corolla interior layout style

Interior, the new Corolla basic continuation of the cash model of the interior layout style, but in the details of a number of adjustments. Among them, the new car air conditioning control area using the button + screen design, instead of the cash model of the knob-like shape, both sides of the air conditioning outlet adjusted for more movement of the circular design. In addition, the new car dashboard style, block the regional panel shape has also been adjusted accordingly, more tend to younger. Configuration, according to previous information learned that the new car is expected to be some upgrades, equipped with front radar, lane departure warning fit best coilovers for evo 9, road sign recognition and automatic headlights and other equipment. In the power, because it is changed models, so the new domestic Corolla is expected to follow the cash model of the power system, including 1.2T, 1.6L, 1.8L and 1.8L dual engine, transmission or matching 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, CVT (analog 8-speed) and E-CVT gearbox. From the sales point of view, Corolla in January-November 2016 sold a total of 278,259, as Toyota is currently the most popular models in China, Corolla for the importance of Toyota China market is self-evident. In just the past 2016 years, FAW Toyota will also be part of the 1.6L models updated to 1.2T models, and 1.2T models fit hayabusa 2008 rods comes standard with VSC body stability system, to a certain extent, enhance the competitiveness of Corolla products. However, look at the current joint venture brand compact car market in China, Corolla face a number of competitors, in addition to the public Sunny, Volkswagen Sagitar, Buick Hideo and Nissan Sylphy and other competitive models, the new Civic, the new Cruze and 308 new models 2016 have listed in varying degrees affect the performance of Corolla's Chinese market. Therefore, for the Corolla, the new 1.2T engine fit Hayabusa 1300 rods while upgrading a certain competitive strength, but in order to further expand the market, but also need a greater upgrade to impress more consumers. The mid-section of the launch of the Corolla in 2017, will be as an important model for Toyota to bring more market competitiveness.