Vios FS mix and match design

FAW Toyota Vios FS Guangzhou Auto Show in 2016, officially unveiled, and the above Guangzhou Toyota YARiS L to enjoy the same, Vios FS is a mix of models. This car uses the cash front face and cash YARiS L caused by the tail of the Hyun design, can be regarded as cash Vios hatchback version models. Appearance, and YARiS L to enjoy the same door with the door of the Vios FS also used a mix and match design. The new car based on Guangzhou Toyota YARiS L caused by Hyun fit Suzuki GSX1300R rods to come from the front face shape and cash Vios is basically the same, before the big mouth air grille compared to the cash Vios has made some adjustments, and joined the bright black handle, looks more texture some. From the side to the tail, the new car body side modeling, tail shape and taillight design and YARiS L caused Hyun consistent, only the "YARiS L" and "Guangzhou Toyota" logo replaced by "VIOS" and "FAW Toyota" fit hayabusa 2008 conrods. Interior, as Toyota has a set of doll models, although there is no relevant interior image, but we speculate that its interior will also follow the other three models (cash YARiS L caused by Hyun, YARiS L to enjoy, cash Vios) the same the design of. Power, the Vios FS will continue to follow the cash Vios 1.3L and 1.5L two four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine fit Hayabusa 1300 conrods, the maximum power of 99 horsepower and 107 horsepower, peak torque of 123 Nm and 140 Nm. Transmission, and these two engines match the 5-speed manual or CVT continuously variable transmission (analog 8 block).