FAW Toyota sales increase

Sales increase, in addition to the general trend of the market, the FAW Toyota sales promotion strategy used to be contributed, that is, from the beginning of the year for the first to sell more. In the first half of 2016, FAW Toyota completed 51% of the initial plan for the whole year, to the full year sales target adjustment and resource allocation are set aside sufficient time, and in 2015, the completion rate is only 44%. Marketing changes, such as innovative integrated marketing, the new Corolla and the new Vios dual car joint listing, greater efforts in Internet marketing, but also to the FAW Toyota in the market to bring more volume and sales. But Jiang Jun for the final sales there are still some small regret. He held in Hangzhou on January 13 at the dealer conference to accept the "Automotive Business Review" interview that FAW Toyota at the beginning of the growth rate of the market for such a high rate of underestimation.