Audi "return to" WRC battlefield

Although we will not be in the WEC, especially in the Le Mans 24 hours to see once the hegemony of Audi, but as a first-class manufacturer, car racing events will always have irreplaceable importance. Audi out of Le Mans 24 hours is understandable: First of all, after all, the development of a prototype LMP1 group of the price is very expensive, otherwise the situation has been difficult Porsche will not choose to exit to build SUV to make money. Second, as the Audi WEC has always insisted on diesel engines, diesel engine technology research and development and reserves doomed in 2016 the difficult international situation temporarily draw a rest. Of course, as the opening said, the car race has an unparalleled role. So strong as Audi will not give up the event, only in the environment to transfer the center of the game, such as Audi is still participating in the Touring Car Championship in the level of high DTM and advanced electric vehicle technology to reserve Formula E. Importantly, today Audi confirms the "return" to the WRC again. However, it should be noted that the Audi is not the identity of the factory team to return, but for the Queen's champion riders MattiasEkström the S1 EKS RX quattro official support. Which is for the future to a greater degree of Audi to join the WRC melee provides more room for imagination.