Cadillac SUV new car plan

Recently, Cadillac official disclosed to the outside world a variety of future SUV plans, including a small SUV, a compact SUV XT3 and a position in the XT5 and Escalade ESCALADE between the new SUV - XT7. At present, the official only announced the launch of some models of the timetable, combined with previous exposure of information, XT3 will be officially launched in the second half of 2018 (official information), XT7 will come out in 2019, and the new small SUV fit BMW 3 Series Coilovers will be in the After the market in 2020. We have reported that the Cadillac will build a Audi A3 and other models of compact cars, the latest news shows the car is expected to be named the Cadillac CT3. In addition, from the previous to get the GM new car plan form, we also see the Cadillac fit BMW 3 Series E36 Coilovers will launch an MPV models. In 2016, Cadillac's sales in China reached 100016, an increase of 51.3%. This sales performance, mainly in the layout of large cars, medium-sized cars, medium-sized SUV three major markets to complete, with the future more new cars to join, Cadillac will be compact cars, compact SUV, small SUV fit BMW E36 Coilovers, MPV And many other market forces, but also let us Cadillac for the future development of more than one look forward to.