The Ford Raptor is a minivan

Ford Raptors are small trucks, but the body length of less than 6 meters, can be on the blue card, C can also drive according to. But in the lorry limit line is strictly prohibited in the road, and the phase regulations also stipulated that the side of the car must be attached to the ugly reflective strip, had to spray the door on the ugly paint words, or even the car can not be seized, which But also a lot of pickup fans miserable place. But there are policies, there are countermeasures, many buyers bought the Raptor owners are behind the trailer to buy a high-lid, installed after the whole car looks like a SUV, and can escape the traffic police's eyes. Although such an approach is not advocated, but this is indeed no way to approach. Fortunately, the pilot has been announced in Hebei Province, the lifting of the pickup truck, anyway, for consumers who like or need to pickup is also a good voice.