MODEL 3 is not equipped with 100kWh battery

Recently, foreign media reports, Tesla will be February 20 US time to open MODEL 3 models in the United States Fremont factory trial production. It is reported that the trial production will be used to test the factory equipment upgrade is complete, it is not clear trial production process will be the number of MODEL 3 prototype products. According to previous official news, the new car will be officially in July this year, mass production. In addition, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said in a recent social media: MODEL 3 because of the wheelbase is too short, so the car can not carry 100kWh capacity battery. Foreign media, said Tesla recently announced to the supplier on February 20 to open the MODEL 3 model air struts for sale trial work of the news, the first batch of specific production of new cars is still unknown, but the foreign media that its trial production will not be too much. Previously, Tesla had announced in July 2017 formally began MODEL 3 production work, with the trial work in advance of 5 months to carry out, it also shows to some extent the MODEL 3 models are mass production preparations Steady progress. However, Tesla is currently in the sale of the two main models - MODEL S and MODEL X fit w220 rear air suspension, the two have experienced postponement or delay in delivery of the embarrassment, the foreign media is also not optimistic about the MODEL 3 to schedule to. At the same time, there is news that Tesla is also the recent design for the MODEL 3 to adjust, and this is also a model for the successful production of MODEL 3 cast a cloud, we will wait and see. Power, according to previously announced the news, MODEL 3 fit w220 air springs will use a single motor and dual drive four-wheel drive two layout for the election, the official 0-96km / h acceleration time is less than 6 seconds, and the maximum mileage will reach 346 km . Tesla CEO Elon Musk in answer to a friend's question revealed, MODEL 3 will not be equipped with a capacity of 100kWh battery, because of its short wheelbase, can not fit 100kWh battery size.