Volkswagen Beetle 's gentle yoke

Volkswagen specifically for the Valentine's Day to create the ad, the picture is a pink handcuffs, copy is: "No matter who you and who tied together, Volkswagen Beetle wish you Valentine's Day happy." Look carefully, it is not difficult to find, handcuffs The shape is precisely the classic outline of the Volkswagen Beetle. Obviously, the public is trying to express the Beatles is also such a lover as "gentle yoke." In fact, not only is the print ads, car TV ads also have a lot of usability hint to attract the eye, the difference is that video advertising is not like the pursuit of straightforward advertising as the visual impact, but more inclined to do More humorous, this is what we have been very familiar with the Fiat 500X "blue pills" advertising, grandfather's last piece of blue pills accidentally fell out of the window, was a Fiat 500 "eat." The results of small micro-car Fiat 500 about "Xiongqi", has become a bigger and more powerful SUV Fiat 500X.