American Great Desert Racing Competition - MINT400

Originally built in 1967, Mint 400 is North America's oldest, hardest and most spectacular annual desert cross country event, and its unique charm attracts top-level cross-country racers and off-road car enthusiasts from all over the world every year. Vegas to participate in the competition. March 10, 2016, the streets of Las Vegas bustling, 2016MINT400 today officially started here, dozens of thousands of horsepower car in the non-stop roar, a week-long feast kicked off fit w220 rear air strut. SST from the US Speed Energy Formula Off-Road game. In 2013, American legend Robbie Gordon acquired and founded the SST (Stadium Super Trucks), which were mainly carried out in man-made off-road venues. SST has a large number of fans, as a crazy with the characteristics of the off-road competition, SST fit s500 rear air shocks for the audience to provide a grandstand. In a limited field, the public car Qi, full of muddy dust and full of obstacles in the venue than the car technology. Incompetent drift wars, racing performances, in addition to the friction between the car may also occur at any time, collision, and even overturned, full of ornamental. In 2016, SST held 10 games from March to October, and Sheldon Creed won the North American title with 645 points fit s500 rear air strut, and Robi Gordon, the event founder, finished third with 444 points.