Discovery God is using a cross-engine

First of all must say that when I saw the line of the car is also because of its off-road characteristics. No matter what other people think, anyway, my personal idea is to buy SUV or buy a four-wheel drive, or else buy MPV not on the line Well And Land Rover is a focus on off-road performance, so I believe that this car should be very reassuring. Discovery God line is used to tap the engine, the front wheel drive-based four-wheel drive structure. This system is Hudson's fifth-generation four-wheel drive system, the central limited slip differential for the electronic control multi-chip clutch, usually when the road driving front wheel drive state, when the rapid acceleration or front wheel slip, multi-clutch , Part of the power distribution to the rear wheel. If necessary, the central differential can be fully combined, equivalent to the "locked" state, the 50% of the torque assigned to the rear wheel. However, we tested the discovery of God when the domestic line, found that the four-wheel drive performance with the import is not the same. Import version even in the case of only a single rear wheel with the adhesion of the case can easily escape difficulties, and the domestic version is not. The reason for this result is that the imported version of the high-profile rear axle installed the active limited slip differential RDU sports version of the kit, and the domestic version of the whole system is not equipped with this component.