Suzuki power enough

Suzuki this car business in the car on the road of development has always been ill-fated, some time ago because of technology sharing of interests and disputes with the public broke up, and now and Toyota to catch up, began negotiations for the new cooperation. Today we are the protagonist of Suzuki is about to be forgotten a small SUV-Vitra. Suzuki has been no lack of black technology, but the lack of a platform to make it a big fist, then either because the qualification is too low, now installed on the Pagani is not AMG engine fit WRX Spring Struts. Suzuki is not bad now, in the field of motorcycles at least or giants, and do not forget the North New Zealand lap chart in front of the two Radical SR8 engine are from Suzuki's hand. Vitra is a very good in the circle of people inside the word of mouth is very small SUV, simple and pragmatic image and its Suzuki standard is very appropriate. The only one imported version of the 1.6L engine fit Subaru Impreza Shock Absorber equipped with manual models, the maximum output horsepower 122, the peak torque of 158Nm, with the match is 5-speed manual transmission, the other models are equipped with 1.4L turbocharged engine, the maximum power 140 horsepower, peak torque 220Nm. As Suzuki to build new products, Vitra style fit Coilovers GC8 a little bit between Jimi and Feng Yu, no Jimny so hard, but not as soft as the peak Yu, both off-road capability, there are small SUV the Of the comfort, which is the biggest feature of Vitra, with the same level of other major city comfort comparison of competing products have a stronger full road conditions.