Suzuki maverick

There are a lot of friends in the forum Tucao Suzuki propaganda flicker consumers, people mistakenly think that the structure of the chassis and Super Vitra like the same, perhaps the netizens think too complicated, Changan is also a little bit of the feeling of playing the edge of the ball. Many people think that Vitra's chassis has built-in beam, in this level models, can buy a full-time four-wheel drive with built-in beam of SUV, but the industry conscience ah. In fact, in the chassis structure, Vitra and Lao Feng Yu closer fit Subaru Impreza Coilovers for sale, and there is no so-called built-in ladder frame. Vitra's biggest selling point is its off-road capability, in the small city SUV inside, Vitra's ability to turn off the crowd can be disdain for the pack. Suzuki's four-wheel drive system coupled with electronic brake assistance, you can let Vitra through three sets of pulleys, which in the small city SUV which is Subaru WRX Coilovers Vitra is very suitable for running the construction site or the three or four lines of the city that is relatively poor road conditions, from its sales area can also be seen that the distribution of this trend is generally, simple interior and tough outside, a look that is Can withstand hardship "man". fit Subaru Impreza Coilovers Suzuki's brand's character is somewhat similar to that of the Japanese Mazda, but it is not as clear as the latter, and it is still possible to see some of its sincerity to the domestic consumer from Vettra.