Fox in all aspects of performance

Storage space: storage space better, usually enough time for the trunk. Occasionally pull things when the rear seats down on it, the space is still great. Take space: my height 175, no problem in the front row, will not feel cramped. The back of the space is a bit small, the middle of the three sitting no problem, a little bit of the estimated point would feel tired. Comfort, seat wrap is good, very comfortable. Travel comfort: comfortable very good, their own installed leather seats, seat wrap is also very good. Noise control: no noise, more satisfied. Car sound done fairly well. Air conditioning: heating effect of the bar fit BMW E36 Coilovers Cheap, a file is very warm. Have not experienced the summer, do not know how the cooling effect Seat comfort: seat soft and hard moderate, very good package, the installation of a leather seat comfort and improve a lot, but also take care. , Power, a person to open the time to accelerate or to the force, if full of words, then it seems a bit difficult, but the daily driving no problem, after all, not a sports car, enough power enough. Accelerate the performance fit BMW E36 Coilovers for Sale: as long as willing to give oil, basic and other red light will not lose at the starting line, manual acceleration is to force, that push back, 2 block floor oil, that push back feeling their own experience. Running high-speed: the current has not run high-speed, running up the highest run over 100, about 2200 speed or so. Horizontal contrast: the same level of self-propelled car power are almost it, after all, this displacement in the displacement of it, fish and bear's paw can not have both. Control, steering precision, almost no virtual position. Hydraulic power fit BMW E36 Coilovers will not appear heavy, but more feel. Steering wheel up and down before and after the adjustment has, although not how to use, but feel so powerful look.