Develop and share platforms

7 years ago in 2010, Dongfeng Nissan is one of the pioneers of the introduction of their own joint venture brand - Kai Chen. Compared to the joint venture brand, its positioning is low. Through the common platform to reduce development costs, thereby enhancing the configuration cost-effective, in order to compete with the Chinese brand, since many joint venture brands have also launched a similar positioning of the brand. Today's protagonist Kai Chen T90 will belong to the joint venture brand recently launched a new product, and it has your unexpected Sino-Japanese "mixed" gene. Mention the relationship between the Japanese car prices, you will easily think of Nissan, Renault two companies. Born in Brazil, the Frenchman Carlos Ghosn was killed in the last year of the 20th century, became the already heavily indebted Nissan leader. Subsequently, known as the cost of the killer, he in less than 10 years of time this has 80 years of history of the Japanese legendary car prices pulled back from the death of the quagmire. Carlos Ghosn has been able to Nissan from the brink of bankruptcy into the car in the profitability of the leader, by the goes is still used numerous times the old - to cut costs. For car prices, the lengthy product line, between the lower common rate of parts are the burden of the enterprise body. Therefore, after taking office, he cut the market share of the lower, less profitable products. On the other hand, but also from a deeper level of development to find a breakthrough, one of the final solution is to let Nissan, Renault two companies to develop and share the platform.