Kai Chen T90 chassis structure

From the chassis structure point of view, Nissan QASHQAI, Infiniti QX30, Renault Norima and today to see the Kai Chen T90 chassis structure, layout has a clear consistency between the fetters of their birth from the birth of their beds - Nissan Common Module Family (hereinafter referred to as CMF) platform. Its existence effectively reduces the development of new models of time, material and human costs. In the CMF platform, according to vehicle size, positioning is different, is divided into three sub-molecular platform. Although the Qiao customer, Keli Jia, T90 and other models look different parts of the interior, but due to the birth of the same CMF-CD platform, so either directly or indirectly have a certain connection. From the results point of view, when you look at their chassis part will find a high degree of consistency. Today we will be dismantling Kai Chen T90 is the brand No. 8 products, chassis structure with the previous launch, positioning for the compact SUV Kai Chen T70 consistent. Through the introduction of the front you must also understand from the root point of view, it is with the Qiao Ha, Korui Jia chassis part is similar.