PERFOR & SPAC performance and space requirements

Pure hardcore off-road vehicles, in order to cope with a variety of complex road, its off-road performance requirements are very high. So this requires that the wheelbase of the car as short as possible, relatively short wheelbase is first to help improve the car through the sexual and rocket, and secondly easier to improve the car's chassis height. The result of the short wheelbase is that the space becomes smaller and the square is designed to expand the interior space, so this is a series of chain reaction. We know that the general pure off-road vehicles performance auto parts are basically used to play off-road or have just need (of course, you only use it to run the road is also possible), you can not expect it in this off-road environment, how high speed, Is not the meaning of off-road. So the wind resistance is not hardcore off-road vehicles to consider the issue. When it comes to wind resistance, Dr.H'd like to say a few words. In the nineties of the twentieth century, with the development of CAD drawing software, the shape of the vehicle is no longer the re-drilling wind tunnel, but through the modeling software through the point cloud to calculate the surface aftermarket auto parts after the multi-order optimization, The balance of the modeling and aerodynamics of the optimal body. So in the off-road vehicles in this family, we also ushered in the city SUV and so on both urban traffic and comfort of multi-purpose sports vehicles. For SUV fundamentalists, these do not seem to meet the original intention of SUV, but this is the inevitable product of the progress of the times, also meet the needs of more people. Since ancient times heroes, I think this is the "square box" tough guy who is the best note aftermarket auto accessories. Looked at the city in the bright variety of models, look back to those who have never changed the guy, you may also be persistent and perseverance and moved.