Roewe i6 voice function

You will say that this has been achieved in some models, but the voice function here is more intelligent. This system is not only suitable for the implementation of the command of the robot, it is more like to understand your a housekeeper, such as you say "I am so hot", the system will increase the temperature; or you say "I want to see the stars", the system will automatically Open skylight. Finally, say APP Mobile phone control vehicle is not what fresh features, before BYD on the popularity of this feature, as long as out with a cell phone, pocket no longer Chuaizhuo heavy car keys. While RX5 auto parts online is further on this basis. In addition to driving the door, remote start, through the APP can also query the location of the vehicle, state, oil, open air conditioning, seat heating and so on. You can even generate two-dimensional code to let others sweep away the car, this and WeChat Alipay payment and payment methods are somewhat similar. I guess this is also for the car to share the economy pave the way. I take RX5 and i6 as an example, not for Roewe advertising auto parts wholesale supplier, just want to look through the two cars to the future direction of the development of Internet vehicles. Since Google's first automatic driving technology, the major car prices have followed up, as the largest domestic car prices, SAIC will not miss this machine, RX5 and i6 is the first step in the trip. If you use the mobile phone industry to evaluate the current car industry, which is still a "functional car" era. In everyone who has a staff of Andrews and Apple today, most of the car function engine parts is still in the Nokia key stage. Dazzling buttons and a variety of inexplicable location Do not say that the first time will be used to pondering half a day, that is, after the car are often press the wrong key.