Advantech performance advantages

With the domestic SUV market gradually subdivided, emphasis on road performance compact SUV become a popular choice for this market segment, but the dynamic performance often means a higher price, for consumers to accept the degree of natural not so Taller. SAIC from this point of view, hoping for ordinary consumers to create a biased road performance, the price is enough for the people of the SUV models. In the eyes of SAIC Design Director Shao Jingfeng, Rui Teng from the date of birth is the differentiation of the route, it has the same level of superior performance, but also has a good value and high cost. But Rui Teng this performance advantage in more and more high cost of the impact of Chinese brands SUV, gradually drowned out. Chinese consumers to purchase the car priority is still to spend less money to buy more configuration, therefore, Rui Teng by facelift time, in terms of cost-effective focus on the effort. However, Rui Teng's athletic character can not be lost, and need to focus on highlighting, which is also in the optimization of the shape of the design of the car when the main completion of the work. Introducing the beginning of this new car, Shao Jingfeng put forward two key concepts - "heritage" and "evolution", the upgrade is not to reverse the past, but a return to their own process. Such as the former face part of the old section of the grind of the grid is too narrow and the grid size is too large, the visual ratio is not very coordinated, the new sharp Teng targeted in the design process into a more popular aesthetic preferences, eyes The car has also become more balanced.