Improved design

The new sharp low before the high high waist design, coupled with the front and rear bumper on both sides of the wind knife decorative veneer, creating a subduction of the posture, performance is also arises spontaneously. In the process of design to explain, Shao Jingfeng will be the new sharp body shape and a eager, leaning forward red bulls formed a shape on the echo. The new models still use two sizes and styles of wheels, 1.5T top models and 2.0T models are used 18-inch dual five-spoke two-color wheels and specifications for the 235/50 R18 Michelin tires, the remaining five models for the 17 Inch monochrome alloy wheels, tire specifications for the 215 / 60R17.18-inch wheels with a stronger sense of design, visual effects significantly stronger than the 17-inch wheels. In addition to the obvious design improvements, the new sharp in the external configuration also has a small adjustment, LED daytime running lights only in the configuration of the four models on the higher, now for the whole system standard, then canceled The front fog lights. In addition, the electric heating function of the electric adjustment of the rearview mirror and parking radar function is also popular to the whole model.